The regular use of Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive will save customers HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! 
The consumer can spend less money per gallon by purchasing a regular octane fuel.
For about the price of a gallon of fuel, the purchase and application of a single-use bottle of
Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive will perform better than existing higher performance octane fuels.


Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive can be purchased as a single-use fuel treatment. Each bottle contains less than one ounce of additive that is capable of treating up to 21 gallons of fuel.
The single-use bottle of Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive retails for about the cost of a single gallon of fuel and is equivalent to adding three or more gallons to an individual service station fill-up, (and an average 15.7% increased MPG)!
When poured into tank after a service station fill-up, Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive will increase vehicle octane rating to a premium grade and boost engine horsepower, giving the vehicle “like-new pep.”
“Core Polar Molecules” (CPMs) cool the engine from the inside. This innovative technology reduces heat emissions by up to 70%!

Under 1 ounce of additive will treat up to 21 gallons of fuel
21 ounces of additive will treat up to 650 gallons of fuel
1 gallon of additive will treat up to 4,000 gallons of fuel


Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive contains a mixture of five chemicals and five additive streams.

Specification and standardization of Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive ensures fuel quality and performance. A proprietary CORROSION INHIBITOR (CI) component reduces engine corrosion, as well as damage caused to engines fueled by ethanol. The CI increases the resistance of the metallic parts of the engine to corrosion.

Fuerza™ Superior Gasoline Additive’s energy concentrate reprograms the engine to dramatically increase its ability to convert an even greater percentage of energy derived from the fuel to mechanical energy.

Fuerza™ Gasoline Additive can be blended with ALL petroleum products at varying concentrations WITHOUT the necessity for any engine modifications.