Fuerza™ fuel products sold under the brand name Fuerza™ are available as a low-cost high-performance fuel additive. Amazingly, only OUNCES of the Fuerza™ concentrated product provides the energy of GALLONS of fuel. “Gasoline / Diesel Treatment” is available in multiple sizes ranging from single use for a station fill-up to gallon or drum quantities necessary for fleets, blenders, and refineries. The company’s primary target markets are fleet operators, truck stops, fueling stations, and fuel blending operations that we expect will in turn, use or resell our products.

Fuerza™ Gasoline and Diesel additive products are a unique formula suitable for ALL gas and diesel-powered engines that have proven to perform unlike any other additive solution currently on the market. The innovative technology used to formulate our additive products increases the efficiency of internal combustion engines by cooling the exhaust gases created. Fuerza™ fuel additives enhance engine performance, increase fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions by cooling engines from the inside.
Fuerza™ Gasoline and Diesel Additive blend products provide new dimensions of fuel technology:
Achieving a lower gas price. When used regularly, Fuerza™ Gasoline Additive will save consumers an average of       $0.48 per gallon!
Achieving a lower diesel price. When used regularly, Fuerza™ Diesel Additive will save consumers an average of $0.64 per gallon!
Improving MPG (Miles Per Gallon) in gasoline-powered vehicles an average of 15.7% (and up to 22% in some vehicles!).
Improving MPG (Miles Per Gallon) in diesel-powered vehicles up to 17%
Enhancing engine performance + lowering temperatures > MORE POWER
Reducing harmful environmental and heat impact effects to exceed 2016 EPA standards.


✓ Improves fuel economy

✓ Maximizes power

✓ Lowers emissions

✓ Provides corrosion control

✓ Reduces vehicle downtime and maintenance

✓ Additive is made in the USA from U.S. sourced materials

✓ Additive has had 7 years of successful market presence